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A Desire to Innovate

A Principled Foundation

Seizing Opportunities

The desire for innovation has been implanted in every aspect of our company, allowing Innovative Steel Detailing to grow from a two man operation in Baton Rouge into ISD Global with offices in Baton Rouge, Dallas and China.


After leading our industry in moves from drafting tables to wide format printers and now paperless systems, ISD continues to look to the horizon of steel detailing.  What should you expect? 3D printed models? Interactive VR simulations of your projects?


Whatever the future holds, you can expect ISD to be at the forefront.


A strong eye for the future is grounded by an understanding of the past. From the beginning, Lloyd Jones has sought to run his company based on the Christian principles he holds dear. At times this has meant sacrificing easy gains in the name of maintaining honest relationships with our customers, but experience has shown us how much more valuable these affiliations prove to be over time.

In 1987 a friend of ISD's founder won $15,000 in a Coca-Cola sweepstakes. Lloyd Jones asked him to take a chance and invest it in an idea. The following year Mr. Jones reached out to another friend who was willing to put up his house and several stocks as collateral against the purchase of Innovative Steel Detailing’s second computer. At the time, that computer cost as much as a brand new BMW.

Technology hardly ever presents itself at the peak of its possibility, this is something ISD has always understood and taken advantage of. From the earliest X/Y pin plotters that lagged behind the skills of a seasoned draftsman to the pixelated lines on the screen of an Apple II, ISD has sought to adopt new technologies to push the boundaries of what our customers should expect from us.  One needs only to look at our web address to understand how far we plan ahead.



The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team.

-phil jackson



The Management team averages over 20 years of steel detailing experience. Each Department Manager is a Certified Detailer through the National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD). Several team members have served as guest lecturers at various detailing conferences.


Patrick Chesney Vice President

32 years of detailing and modeling experience including award-winning industrial and nuclear projects.




Weibing Yan Quality Control Manager

Earned his PhD from Louisiana State University and ensures quality excellence in our domestic and overseas offices.

Weibing has 21 years detailing experience.





Since ISD began with just two employees in 1987, they have experienced significant growth. Today they have three offices worldwide to better meet your detailing needs.


A large in-house checking staff allows ISD to meet and exceed the quality standards their customers demand in the world market.


ISD has ongoing comprehensive teaching and training on all job levels with both in-house and off-site classes and seminars. We are constantly striving to produce the best product in the most efficient manner -- Quality on Time.



Lloyd Jones has been in the steel detailing business since 1981. After graduating from LSU with a degree in Industrial Technology, he worked at Port Allen Marine where he helped in the design and construction of barges.


Lloyd is a Christian and believes in running his business with integrity and Christian principles. His desire is to provide the highest quality of living for all his employees at the office and in their personal lives. This has lead to an excellent working environment.



trifles make perfection,
and perfection is no trifle.


What we do

equipped to meet your needs

yes we can!

No matter what your shop requires, ISD has the experience and technology to provide it. We can produce CNC files, reports or other data for your equipment and software. Controlled Automation, Peddinghaus/Peddimat, Fabtrol, Fabsuite, even your own custom program . . . we have the ability to give you what you need.



Engineers and fabricators ask us all the time if we can . . .

". . . import models or status from other programs?" CIS/2, SDNF, Fabtrol, yes we can!

". . . provide CNC files to automate our equipment?" DSTV, plate dxfs, Peddinghaus, Controlled Automation, Franklin, yes we can!

". . . detail this 1500 ton job by the end of next week?" Yes we can . . . talk about it ;)


ISD is known for the neatest drawings in the business. We take great pride in our work, and realize that it's important for the drawings we create to be clear and easy to understand.


Most detailers generate erection drawings from what they've put into the computer from looking at the engineer's design drawings, or by adding piecemarks by hand and providing poor quality scanned drawings. These methods are prone to errors that could become very costly.


At ISD, we've developed a method utilizing Adobe pdf and Postscript technologies to create erection drawings that retain the quality and integrity of the original design drawings, in a fully scalable, portable and compatible format.


"Lagniappe" is the Cajun way of providing a little something extra, and perfectly describes ISD's goal -- to go beyond what's expected by our customers:


We've spent years developing and improving a project management database that tracks our jobs from beginning to end, and even automates some tasks like the transmittal process that used to take several hours every week -- this helps us get work and status updates into your hands faster than ever before.


Sometimes fast isn't fast enough, so we've added our own in-house ftp server and high-speed broadband connection, so jobs are available for you to download almost immediately upon completion.


In addition to the dozens of reports SDS/2 provides, like design calculations, advanced material ordering and field bolt reports, ISD can create customized reports to give you exactly the information your looking for.


we are what we repeatedly do.

excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.


projects & awards

Quality means doing it right

when no one is looking.

-Henry Ford

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